16 Week Journey With Digital Deepak Internship: From A UnderConfident Civil Engineer To Confident Freelancer Marketer


Hey, my name is Arindam Das, I am a civil engineer by degree but a digital marketer by choice. After spending almost 2 years in an MNC, after the lockdown in march,2020 I came back to my hometown. It was a frustrating moment for me, I was not happy with the job but I didn’t have any option to quit the job. 

How Did I Get To Know Digital Deepak?

At the time I saw an ad on Facebook about a free digital marketing course, I got excited and enrolled for the course without thinking about anything!(Though I was not sure why someone will give so much value for free) After finishing the course I was so excited that at this very point, I decided to be a digital marketer aspirant! 

I started reading the blog on the website, it was so in-depth and knowledgeable. As per Joe Sugarman a copy needs to have a slippery side, each and every blog on the website followed the principle of Joe Sugarman!

That was the first time I met Digital Deepak! Our own DD. I didn’t have any idea about digital marketing, for me it was like a boring digital version of MBA! Until i finished Digital Deepak’s course, i realized that it is the one field i can opt in, to fulfill my dream of travelling! 

I didn’t have any idea about webinars either! I got mail from digital deepaks about webinars. I can remember the day it was a webinar on SEO, the webinar was so in depth that i felt that it is the time to pursue digital marketing for full time!

I started reading blogs about digital marketing, watching tons of videos on digital marketing (of course including DD). In the meantime DD announced his batch 3 internship, i was ready to join the internship but somehow i missed it. 

When Did I Join Digital Deepak Internship Program?

Around 1st week of July, when DD announced his batch 4 of internship, I never looked back. I was unsure how to pay the money, but I still borrowed my friend’s credit card and joined batch 4! 

And now I can feel that this was the greatest investment of my life! I felt that if someone is giving away so much intense value for free, then how much will be the value when I will join his paid internship!

How Was The Journey With Digital Deepak?

On 24th of july,2020 i started my life changing journey with deepak. “The Successful Mindset” was the first lesson of the internship, to be honest, after completing the video I decided to quit my civil engineering job at any cost! And I resigned from the job! 

I was a procrastinator, not by choice obviously! This was the first time i felt that i can achieve also, i can be successful also! There is an assignment section where I had to write about my 2.0 version and had to publish ii in any public domain(medium,linkedin,own blog),  it was pretty much challenging for me. I was shy, insecure, not confident but still I made it. I published it on Medium.com. This exercise completely changed my perspective about life! I started to gain confidence slowly! 

On the second week of the internship, DD taught the “The Law Of marketing”, simple but in depth video on marketing, CATT funnel, Personal branding blueprint.As earlier i mentioned i was from civil engineering background, so it was a whole new learnings for me. 

We were in the 3rd week of internship, and to be honest it was the most challenging week for me, because it was on “Discovering your profitable niche 2.0”. I am a traveller , so it was pretty clear that my niche is travel, but the twist was after watching the video I decided not to choose travel as my niche instead I chose E-Commerce as my niche! 

From the very first day when I met Deepak always said to start our own blog, but I was so insecure that I never started my own website. But in the 4th week of our internship program it was the time when i was bound to make a wordpress blog! I did it on my own website! The week’s subject was “Creating your own wordpress blog”, in this video DD taught about each and every element of wordpress. 

Content is the king! Content is the only to connect with your audience, you will be known for your valuable contents. Week 5 was on “Becoming the King of Content”, the entire week was focused on content marketing. Content Marketing is a much needed marketing channel for each and every business. We learned about every element of content marketing, from video marketing to mass trust blueprint, competitor research to creating our own content calendar. This week I found the purpose of my life. 

Week 6 was on “Social Media & Networking Mastery”, digital marketing is all about networking. I was never comfortable with a camera but DD pushed us to conduct a zoom meeting with unknown people, the way he pushed us to get out of our comfort zone, I made it. From a shy, underconfident  civil engineer to a confident person, I learnt how to communicate with people, how to do networking. 

Lead generation is the main part of any business, without generating leads any kind of business can’t grow, either B2B or B2C. There are a lot of ways of lead generation and in week 7 we have learnt about each and every techniques of lead generation. It was a very attractive week for me because I am bound to reach people to offer them my services and the best part is I made it. I contacted a lot of people and got a positive response from everyone.

Week 8 was about facebook ads, from why do we need facebook ads to how to run profitable facebook ads, deepak taught us each and every element of facebook. I can proudly say that I have achieved in depth knowledge of facebook ads , to be frank i can leverage it for my own business now. I have reached out to a few people to provide them service on facebook ads also, one of them replied back and she literally wants to start working with me as soon as possible. I am pretty much thankful to DD for that.

Week 9 was on google ads, people don’t come to google for time pass, they come to google for any information,service,or any products. So google ads is a very good option for increasing ROI for any business. This week we learnt about how to run profitable google ads, from search campaign to display ads campaign. In depth knowledge on how to optimize google ads campaigns by adding negative keywords and adding the search terms, i have learnt a lot. I am going to use google ads for my freelancing journey, and i am now way too much confident about running google ads. 

Search Engine Optimization, seems an easy task to do, but the fact is SEO is way too difficult while it comes to execution. It is all about solving the problem people are looking for and getting rewarded for solving the problem. Personally, I was afraid of SEO. At week 10 Deepak made me confident about SEO, from keyword research to ranking websites he literally taught more than enough about SEO, and the interesting part is the assignment is a challenging one also. I have to write an SEO optimized blog post and also I have to add a backlink for that! From on-page SEO to Off-page SEO literally, I got away with too many learnings from week 10. 

How My Life Changed With Digital Deepak Internship?

To be honest from an underconfident nerd to a confident freelancer my journey was not easy, still, I achieved this million-dollar mindset due to DD, he pushed me to achieve this, I never thought to take a risk in life, but DD taught me to take a calculative risk and that’s why I was able to quit my 9-5. And I am happy that I quit my regular job, I will always be grateful to Digital Deepak for transforming my life completely. Digital Deepak is my digital mentor and I will be happy to get him as my mentor for the rest of my life.

What is My Recommendation About Digital Deepak Internship?

I will recommend each and every doer to join Digital Deepak Internship Program. Believe me, you will learn a lot by learning and executing, That’s Why DDIP is different. If you take any course, there is a high chance that after completing the course you will not take action! It happened to me. But as per human nature, if you learn something by doing or executing, you will never forget the lesson. That is the unique point of the Digital Deepak Internship program. The money you are investing at the beginning will come back to you if you complete the assignments properly. You will learn each and every aspect of digital marketing and Deepak will push you to take action, and the most interesting part is after completing the assignments you will get cashback. Personally, I don’t know of any other internship program with similar features.

It will be my honest recommendations to each and everyone, join Digital Deepak Internship Program and believe me your life will be changed forever.

To join DDIP you just need to submit your form in this link, DD will personally reach out to you to give you information about the internship program. See you soon on the other side of life. Till then keep learning and keep earning from Digital Deepak.

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